Production by Ellesmere Port Musical Theatre Company

NODA Review: Whistle Down the Wind

3rd April 2013

Ellesmere Port Musical Theatre Company

Whistle Down the Wind

Date:  21 March 2013

Venue:  Ellesmere Port Civic Hall

Producer / Director:  Dawn Kennedy

Musical Director: Craig Price

Choreographer: Kayleigh Melluish

Review Author: Budge Grounsell

This is a show I haven’t seen before and I’m reasonably certain it has not been done in this neck of the woods,but as usual Ellesmere Port are at the forefront in bringing us shows which are not in the usual pantheon of productions favoured by societies. I am pleased to record that this policy paid off as once again they brought us another successful production.

It is their good fortune to have a fine young team who can bring out the best in their players. Director Dawn Kennedy has a long string of directorial credits to her name and I am sure that many more will follow and she is well supported by Musical Director Craig Price who never seems to fail in bring out the best in the music and Kayleigh Melluish who’s choreography always achieves the right blend for the particular production involved. Loved the line dance number.

In his first lead role Chris Pacitti playing the “Man” gave us a fine acting and singing performance, a challenging role excellently done. Jennifer Connah (Swallow) who discovers the man and wants and believes him to be Jesus probably due to the recent loss of her mother played the part beautifully, singing well and catching the mood of the character. Taking the part of someone younger than you are is not easy but she handled this well and I thought that especially when she walked she looked like a schoolgirl. Her Siblings Brat and Poor baby (Amelia Dougie and Seren Dovey-Evans) both did extremely well, confident beyond their years and showing strong potential for their future in the theatre.

I was at the auditions and all the children on stage lived up to the promise that they showed that day. Candy (Sara Haynes) and Amos (Richard Cannon) were certainly convincing in their roles and Rob Poston (Boone) the father of Swallow and her sisters is rapidly proving that apart from his musical talents he can act as well.

The supporting roles, Dominic Melluish (Snake Preacher.) Kyle Hickman –Germon (Deputy), Damian Riverol as Edward and Derek Fear, who looked every inch the part of the southern style sheriff, all contributed to their skills to the story line.

So take an experienced production team, add fine principle players together with strong choruses of children and adults and you have what we got, an excellent show.

I must take time to mention the set which was unusual but clever and generally well handled by the back stage team under the direction of Dave Molley. Echoing what I have said before you cannot produce show of this calibre unless you have good people in the background as well as those on stage so lets hear it for the people who you don’t see but who contribute such a lot.

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