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NODA Review for Oliver!

16th November 2014

OLIVER. Floral Pavilion, New Brighton


It will be no surprise to anyone who follows this society that their recent production of “Oliver” has proved itself in maintaining this high standard .

The Production team of Director Donna Dale, Choreographer Pam Watson and Musical Director Craig Price combined to give us an entertaining evening in the best tradition of live theatre.

Such a well known musical like Oliver requires a cast to do it justice and as usual EPTMC have found the talent to fulfil this need. Oliver (Charlie Molloy) was able to capture the character of the boy who was not of the workhouse and whose background lay somewhere else. A strong performance complimented by his counterpart, Dodger (Jack Parry) a young rogue for whom you could only feel sympathy; very well played indeed.

What can we say about Fagin a wonderful portrayal by Gareth Earl. In virtually every performance of Oliver both Professinal and Amateur I have seen it is he who enjoys the best reaction when taking the final bow. Not only a tribute to the written part but invariably to the skill of the player. This was no exception. Sara Haynes (Nancy) showed she had all the assets needed to capture this character, with good singing and acting and was well supported by her friend and sidekick Bet (Anna Whittaker). As for the villainous Mr Sykes played by Rob Poston:, sufficently menacing and mean and able to get over his normally boyish looks. Mike Heathcote (Mr Bumble) bully one minute and cowardly the next lovely part and well interpreted; again well supported by the widow Corney (Lesley Pritchard).

The scene in the undertakers was as it should be with Cheryl Thomas, Chris Pacitti, Greg James and Charlotte(Charlotte Allmond) carrying off this episode in fine style. Andy Nickson. (Mr Brownlow) Mrs Bedwin(Elaine Cooper) Ken Stamper (Dr Grimwig) and Old Sally (Mandy Helsby) all made the most of small but vital contributions to the story. “Oliver” is always noted for it’s children and they proved their worth here. Considering the numbers involved they were well disciplined, maintaining a strong presence on stage as did the remainder of the cast who provide the background around which the principal players revolve. Needless to say EPMTC have a strong” behind the scenes” team all of whom did their part in bringing this fine show to the audience.

Here’s to the next time!

Budge Groudsell, Sept 2014

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