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HAIRSPRAY - Auditions and information

13th September 2019
HAIRSPRAY - Auditions and information

Footloose Musicals are excited to announce their open auditions for young people for their Spring 2020 production of Hairspray.

Pre-audition information and workshop sessions:

MONDAY 16/9/2019

Drama Workshop with Liz

THURSDAY 19/9/2019

Dance Workshop with Rob - 

MONDAY 23/9/2019

Drama Workshop with Liz

THURSDAY  26/9/2019

Vocal Session/Audition Songs with Joe

THURSDAY 3/10/2019

Vocal Session/Audition Songs with Joe



Sunday 6th September - 2pm.

Prior to auditions members should look at the role and learn it and try to bring something unexpected.  Members need only audition if they are going for a named role.  There will be a panel of 5 plus one “fair play” person.  The audition panel will consist of the production team and two others.  Cast members will be expected to learn their audition piece.  Audition pieces will be e mailed to cast or can be collected at Workshops.

Rehearsals and commitment:

After the dates above rehearsals will be every Monday and Thursday 6-7.15.

Dance rehearsals 13th, 20th, 27th, October 3rd, 10th, 17th October all at 2-5pm


Our costume co-ordinator is Pam Watson.  Costumes are a major part of the production and bringing them all together is no easy task.  We enthusiastically welcome any offers of help in this and any other areas of the production.   Cast members will be asked to provide certain items of costume which most members are likely to have.  We look to parents for their support in this as any savings help towards us being able to continue to put on good quality theatre year after year.  


Show dates are Friday 27thMarch 7pm, Saturday 28thMarch 2pm AND 7pm, Sunday 29thMarch 2pm 2019.  Cast must attend the 3 rehearsals prior to the performance.  The show will be performed at the Civic Hall in Ellesmere Port. 

Contact Details

LIZ – 07712 674862.  EMAIL


All of the above rehearsals and auditions will take place at Trinity Methodist Church, Whitby Road, Ellesmere Port, CH65 0AB


About Footloose Musicals


Footloose was formed in 2001 and our first show was Fame which was performed at the Grange Theatre (West Cheshire College) in June 2002.  A large number of the cast from that show are still performing with our adult section EPMTC.  We received 5 NODA Nominations for our 2016 show (Disco Inferno) and 4 nominations for our 2017 show which was Hairspray


Our mission is to provide an outlet for young people who have a love of performing and to encourage independent thought and creativity through workshops whilst improving confidence and self esteem.


There is no audition to be a member of Footloose.  As mentioned previously, all we ask is that members have an interest in music/dance/acting and are prepared to partake in group or solo work.   Footloose isn’t a Youth Club, we are a Theatre Company and weekly rehearsals will culminate in performing a musical for which we have to pay publishers royalties.  We also expect cast members to take responsibility for their own role in the production by learning their lines/songs/harmonies at home between rehearsals.  


As a committee, we take your child’s safety and happiness very seriously, and as such, you can expect that we will provide your child with a safe and happy environment.  Health and Safety and Safeguarding policies are available for parents/guardians to read.  Any form of bullying is not tolerated and we encourage members to support each other during rehearsals and show week.  


Our age requirements are between 8 and 21 years old at the time of auditioning.


We require Parents/Guardians/Members to complete a form with details to include any health issues that we may need to be aware of to ensure health and safety.


At the start of the season, rehearsals are generally Monday and Thursday 6pm (prompt) to 7.15pm.  Monday rehearsals will generally be with the Director to block scenes and work on characterisation.  Thursdays will be singing with the Musical Director.  Sunday rehearsals will also be required and will be confirmed after auditions.  A rehearsal schedule will be provided at the start of rehearsals  which will let you know which rehearsals your child needs to attend.  Your child may be needed on both nights or either Monday or Thursday depending on whether your child is given a principal role.  This won’t be known until after auditions.   After Christmas, Rehearsal times are 6pm to 8/8.30pm


Apart from Christmas, rehearsals will generally continue throughout Half Term breaks (see Attendance)


All members under the age of 16 must be signed in by an adult over 18.  Parents/Guardians are required to come into Trinity when picking up children.  


The cast are expected to wear suitable clothing for rehearsal ie   comfortable, loose t shirts/sweatshirts and appropriate footwear.  We advise not to wear heels in rehearsals unless told otherwise.  Also, some heavy bulky trainers are unsuitable.  All girls will be expected to have a pair of black or beige character shoes and boys and girls are expected to have a pair of jazz shoes and a pair of pumps/daps/tennis shoes/converse (whatever they’re known as!)


We expect a good standard of behaviour and mutual respect.   We’re working towards putting on a show that costs a lot of money and we’re bound by time constraints so it’s essential that we’re not wasting time by constantly having to ask for quiet.  Bullying and disrespect to either the production team or other members of the cast will not be tolerated.  Any issues with cast members will be highlighted to parents and we will use the 3 strikes rule

Cast should be in the hall and ready to start rehearsal at 6pm.  Cast members must ring/text Liz if they’re unable to attend rehearsal (number below). We appreciate that families have holidays and celebrations and this may affect rehearsals therefore there will be a Holiday/Absence book at rehearsals and cast should fill this in asap indicating any holidays or other absences that they may be having during the rehearsal period.  If an absence isn’t in the book and Liz hasn’t had a phone call then this will be treated as an absence.   Cast members missing 3 rehearsals without informing the Production Team will not be in the show




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