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Holmes and The Ripper

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Holmes and The Ripper
by Brian Clemens

St Mary's Arts Centre, Chester

20th to 22nd September 2018

1888, Whitechapel, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are drawn into one of London's darkest investigations. A case that will shake the foundation of Queen and country. With plots and conspiracies at the highest level of establishment, and a uniquely personal element for Holmes... The legendary detectives are forced to put everything on the line in a race to catch Jack the Ripper! Based on Stephen Knights 'The Final Solution' and written by Brian Clemens (TV’s The Avengers and The Professionals)


Sherlock Holmes - Grant Ryan Lenton

Kate Mead - Sheryl Dean

Sir William Gull - Steve Lancashire

The Stranger/Bradbury/Lamplighter/Police man - Damian Riverol

Mrs Hudson - Mandy Helsby

Netley - Max Oliver

To be cast:

1. Annie Crooks/Catherine Eddowes

2. Mary Kelly/Woman

3. Dr. Watson (We would encourage female actors to go for this role too)

4. Lord Salisbury - The Prime minister

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